enterprise growth tool
of exclusive database software
Big data software development & implementation
An easy way to build an advanced distributed
enterprise database application

in three steps


Road that need to take:

step 1Design, implement and debug cross-platform source codes... ALREADY DONE!
step 2Create a replicated distributed database infrastructure according to your own requirements... CALL US!
step 3Add the magic of your unique business rules... YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELF!  

Let start...

Create database - what does it mean according NOTEMATRIX®CORE?

You provide
You get

Concentrate on making algorithms - all other ready

technologies & implementation method
In customising purposes, NOTEMATRIX®CORE has opened access to standard programming languages, instead of imposing built-in macroses. So, You get possibility to implement your business logic using Java™ and SQL, relying, but not limited to the library functions of our kernel.
on server side
Only SQL knowledges need for implementation business-rules by triggers and stored procedures in existing database. You could write it as script.sql and compile into database by native SQL-server tools. Also may by used interactive SQL editor with GUI or CLI. If necessary, You may create shared library on C/C++, which expand the functionality of the server unlimited.
on client side
User interface extensions may be implement by creating JAVA™ objects, inherited of our classes or by custom plugins, using our source code as examples. For compile JAVA™ source code may be used one of freeware or proprietary IDE.

What's already done:

short list built in functionality
... using the prepared NOTEMATRIX®CORE allows you to immediately start implementing individual business-logic using the full power of the JAVA™, SQL and C/C++ languages, bypassing the long and expensive stage of preparing auxiliary libraries and user interfaces...

Terms of use

license & distribution
The standard license assumes the end use and self-modification of the received application, includes the source code of the received application, but does not allow its distribution and does not include the source code of the libraries.
dates and cost
Initial creation (three iterations) of the exclusive application kernel takes from 30 to 90 days. Cost starts from €12000 per database, not include next support.

Cost of start package of typical application €120 per user license, not include next support.

support cost: Price not included VAT and cross-border taxes and fees.

Other conditions are discussed individually.

What's next?

support & upgrade
Initially, the application is designed for self-support. You can also contact any software engineer or company. We also provide support for products derived from our core.

We can offer technical and logical support with standard or exclusive approach

Who may be interested?

purposes, situations & solution
If You: so we: Sometimes team need a new member...
Exclusive software.
Exclusive competitive advantage.